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I was born and have mostly always lived in South Wales.

I am lucky enough to have travelled the world but have always failed on my travels to to find a place with the landscape, history and culture of Wales, not to mention the humour and personality of the people.

We Welsh are never boastful and usually under declare the best bits, so | would be delighted to help you to become a local during your visit . See things the way the Welsh do.

I do also have a wealth of experience in tourism, itinerary and tour management. I am a professional guide and a member of the Wales Official Tourist Guides Association.

In recent years, I have walked the full 870 miles of the Wales Coast Path, which does make me a bit of an expert on the subject. I am a ‘slow walker’ meaning, I take time to enjoy the sights, restaurants and personality of an area whilst always enjoying the view. I have co-authored a book ‘Slow Walking the Wales Coast Path ‘